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Sinopec with the perfect

Le 8 April 2015, 08:06 dans Humeurs 0

in line with the spirit of reform, China's Sinopec party to fulfill the main responsibility an important manifestation, to fulfill oversight responsibilities provides key organizational security and personnel security.38 were all "different enterprises to deploy" - Which unit with "full-time" with stressAccording to reports, Sinopec with the perfect Discipline Committee, the Department does not break through in the original basis of the number of cadresnike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap  on duty, the spirit of "full coverage, highlights, which will be specifically designed, and the chief should" principle aimed at By fully serviced with strong "lead goose" to promote units directly under the supervision and discipline Discipline Inspection to better fulfill the accountability of the "main business." 38 full-time Commission for Discipline Inspection, all "different enterprise deployment."What kind of unit is equipped with a full-time Commission for Discipline Inspection  Reporters found that 38 units or more people, the number of workers over the people or party with more than 5,000 people; or the high sensitivity of the industry, such as product sales, material
procurement, construction and other key units; or have under construction major projects."For the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the party with a major

subordinate units according to the degree of sensitivity, difficult to manage, risk factors such as classification, either full-time or part-time, make sure that the style construction and was responsible for anti-corruption work, selves, selves responsible. "China Petrochemical responsible comrades said.Zhou Lin told reporters, Sinopec chemical production of chemical products, chemical sales company owned by China Petrochemical uniform sales. Discipline Committee as the company full-time, he was "the responsibility of heavier, more pressure.""'Full coverage' with part-time Commission for Discipline Inspection Sinopec to deepen the discipline   nike air max 95 cheap  reform important milestone will help promote the discipline of work specialization, normalization and systematic." Deng Lianfan proposals announced part-time Discipline Committee of the list and the corresponding units, played masses supervisory role, the Discipline Committee to better supervise the performance of their duties."Full-time" will concentrate on attacking the main industry - seriously perform their duties, to carry the responsibility for oversightChina Petrochemical party made with

February of this year, the first pen 10 billion yuan of funds already in place." A person familiar with the relevant bodies from Shandong to the "Securities Daily" reporters.April 1 executive meeting of the State Council decided to invest and expand the scope of social security funds, one to extend the scope of the Social Security Fund bonds to local government bonds and corporate bonds and local government bonds investment ratio increased from 10% to 20%. Second, the scope of the direct equity investment from the central managenike air max 2014 cheap  ment of enterprise restructuring or reform pilot project, the expansion of the central business and its subsidiaries, as well as the core competitiveness of local industry leaders, including high-quality private enterprises. Third, the proportion of the ceiling trust fund loans increased from 5% to 10%, increase affordable housing, urban infrastructure and other projects involved in efforts. Four is required to allow the fund to invest directly in the interbank deposit level national inter-bank market, and in accordance with bank deposit management. Xie said that in 2015 China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities can accomplish a great deal, economic development has entered a new normal, economic growth is expected to remain i

party representatives and

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full Discipline Committee to highlight the "full-time" word, to play a role in the discovery of the problem."Discipline Committee is dedicated full-time to do the work of supervision and accountability and discipline to ensure the safety of state-owned assets, resources, to create the sun Sinopec, Sinopec honest, so central assured that people are satisfied." China Sinopec party secretary and chairman Fu Chengyu, said.March 16, China Petrochemical party members, the discipline inspection team leader Xu Penang party representatives and 28 full-time Commission for Discipline Inspection of the first collective conversation, require further raise awareness, tnike air presto 4 womenso perform their duties conscientiously and effectively to the Discipline Committee to carry the bear's supervisory responsibilities, to strict demands on themselves, so loyal to play clean.Reporters learned that, in order to ensure full Commission for Discipline Inspection of duty, China Petrochemical party will take a series of measures. For example, strict implementation of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection report to the superior system, focusing on the report of the unit style construction, letters and reports, and issues clues, investigating cases and other important information; introduction of the

Discipline Committee assessment, rotation exchange system, strengthen the supervision of the Commission for Discipline Inspection management; the introduction of clean government accountability measures, "Two responsibility" not to implement a long-term, the unit issues outstanding party secretary of the Discipline Committee, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Responsibility, the removal of removal, adjustment of the adjustment; introduction interview system honest government, honest government to the existing problems, interviews units directly under the party secretary of the Discipline Committee."The arrival of a few days, mainly to do is two aspects, one is familiar with the situation as soon as possible, after all, is cross-sectoral mobility. Second, grasping patrol implement corrective feedback." Zhou Lin told reporters.Deng Lianfan that in future work, part nike air flyknit max womens-time should be limited to the Discipline Committee "case" mentality, but focused more on the daily supervision and discipline of accountability, Zhuazao catch small, easily the blame. Commission for Discipline Inspection of the proportion of full-time also there is room for improvement."I hope China Petrochemical party support, urging them to perform their duties responsibly Commission for Discipline Inspection, exploration can

the fund managed by the National Social Security Fund Council reached 1.52896 trillion yuan, fund equity 1.450957 trillion yuan, of which, the National Social Security Fund 1.235004 trillion yuan, an increase of 243.897 billion yuan over the end of 2013; nine pilot provinces ( regions and municipalities) personal accounts of funds 110.555 billion yuan; Guangdong Province entrusted funds 105.398 billion yuan. 2014, the total social security fund investment income 139.209 billion yuan, the yield reached 11.43%, higher than the inflationnike air huarache mens  rate 9.43 percentage points over the same period, which has achieved 87.466 billion yuan revenue, yield 7.38%.Meanwhile, after several rounds of consultations and report to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance approval, Guangdong Province 100 billion yuan of funds entrusted to extend the period to five years. June 2014, the State Council approved the 100 billion yuan, Shandong Province, the basic pension insurance fund companies commissioned NSSF investment operations, commissioned period of 5 years. In January, the National Social Security Fund Council and the Shandong provincial government signed a delegate investment management contract."100 billion yuan pension will be in place this year and next year in batches, in

The province will enable free

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show, they will support, and content for the show and performing style advice. ) Before the end of the year, free WiFi in public areas will cover major cities in Jiangsu Province town. Meanwhile, the province will also explore the free WiFi business model, combining WiFi network deployment and the formation of large data analysis of value-added applications, and promote the sustainable development of free WiFi.Provincial Commission by letter recently issued a province provincial cities major downtown public areas Free WiFi-building programs - before the end of the year, free WiFi in public areas will cover the major provincial cities Town. The province will enable free WiFi unified brand "JS Free", covering the major business district, transportation hubs, medical institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, hotels, star attractions, cultural venues and sports centers and other nine categories of urban dwellers larger flow, stay longer, mobile device usage rate, a large demand for public WiFi air max 2015 priceAccording to incomplete statistics, as of last year, the province has built free WiFi hotspots around 39,000, AP number nearly 500,000, covering the foundation for the province. Free WiFi construction market will play a leading role, in addition to telecommunications, Mobile, China

Unicom, radio and television networks, but also to encourage the construction of public funding of business operations, and explore information infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPP). Under provincial cities can "JS Free" set free WiFi brand identity based on the actual situation and posted free WiFi hotspots nameplate in the main public areas, enterprises have been built free WiFi hotspots to be gradually incorporated into the "JS Free" unified brand system and clearly identified.Free WiFi is also accelerating the construction of Nanjing, before the end of June this year, 72,000 free WiFi in public areas open AP points are completed, the city will achieve the 4448 main public area WiFi coverage. Right now, many people have been able to search in Xinjiekou, Hunan Road and other popular commercial area to the "i Nanjing Free" wireless hotspot, after using a mobile phone connection, just log in once you can, do not repeat the certification, the speed can reach 1-2M.Building hotspots while Jiangsu Province also explore free WiFi business model, supports free WiFi network and related support platform development, combinike air huarache uk  ned with the deployment of WiFi networks and the formation of large data analysis of value-added applications, and promote the sustainable development of free WiFi. Provincial

"At that time with a view of the old identity Xu Jianyi, FAW, so that he can take over the FAW logical and can be convincing.It is understood that, normally, Xu a low-key, no shelves.Previously mentioned Kwak said retired cadres, 2007, Xu back from any of the FAW Jilin party secretary general manager, he went to the following meeting of the company, to present the cadres, said: "The old guys, I'm back support this stall , we use the service point. "Xu was an old man who really need to use the service.Xu took a while, FAW Group has handed over the "boss" of the throne of China's automotive industry, behind Shanghai Automotive Group, ranked second.Xu one tanike air flyknit max mens  sk is to revive the FAW Group. But a few years, the FAW has kept falling, "the first independent and then listed" two goals Xu Jianyi proposed ultimately failed to achieve the set targets.Invested heavily in its own brand "invalid"From 2008 to 2012, FAW invested a total R & D costs 22.34 billion yuan, of which a large proportion of R & D for the red brand.March 25, 2015, FAW Hongqi H7 1.8T models officially listed from Xu a survey was taken away just 10 days time.Xu Hongqi H7 is a red flag in one hand and promote the revival of the project of high-end brands, along with the Lok Ma Xu Jianyi, FAW Group to take a low-key way to deal with this series - Red H7 1.8T listed not hold any activity - such an approach in the domestic automobile relatively rare in the field.Xu Jian has said that FAW Hongqi sedan soul, representing

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